Message from academician Guo Wanlin

Welcome to our website. Our team is devoted to dancing at the edge of science and engineering. We are committed to explore nanoscale physical mechanics, hydrovoltaics as well as safety of aerospace structures. We want to be leading players in changing the world through new science and shaping the society with new technology. We also want to influence yound minds to make learning and thinking their way of life.

Team introduction

The team now has 15 members, with 8 professors, 4 associated professors and 3 assistant professors. The team includes 1 academician of the Chinese Academy of Science, 1 winner of the National Excellent Youth Fund, 2 Youth Changjiang Scholars of the MOE, 3 winners of the Youth Thousand Program, 3 nominees of the National Excellent Doctoral Thesis and 3 winners of the National Excellent Doctoral Thesis in mechanics.

Director Wanlin Guo

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